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»sweet pre love and pr order
Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello guys sorry la lama dah tak update okey I'm just telling you guys that I'm selling 3 in 1 lens for RM55. The lenses are very cute :) I bet everyone want one of these lens So what are you waiting for get one of these. Colours available black,white and blue

Okey lets get into the fun part OMG OMG Im also will be selling EOS Lip Balm that have been famous these days. 4 flavors available honey dew,mint,vanilla and summer fruit :) only RM30 for 1 

So if you guys are interested mention me on twitter @SHRFHNAJIHH
or wechat me 
Wechat ID : shrfhnajihh

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»new crush oh oh
Friday, April 12, 2013

Hey, fuhh all the mess and dust in this blog. Hmm its been quite a long period since my last post. So hey, guys how are you? feeling good? sorry I'm a bit busy now days ergh PMR life is too busy with tuition and school and koko and bicara irama and folio why cant life just be easy. So just to let you know that I;ve just broke up with my boyfriend a month ago and its nothing at all. I dont really feel the pain nor the heart break and the sadness. Well actually we've been into this problem for a long time and now its time to separate its the best for me and him. Oh and and I have a new crush at school. hehehe well at first I just like to see his face cuz I think he's kinda cute and I told few of my friends about his cuteness and they started teasing me with him and that's when my heart fall for him. He's older than me. We're not that close but yeah... He just give me sparks to stay alive and live this life. He gives me sparks to go to school and tuition. I now try my best to dress well to school and tuition. I always feel insecure when he's near, NOW IM LOVESTRUCK lol. Not hoping to be more than friends cuz he doesnt likes me back lol thats just sad but nawhh mayb I am not his type. I think he knows about me liking him I guess and that makes me feel shy seeing him. He's super cuteeeeeee :* okey night gtg peeps
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

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»Believe Acoustic
Thursday, January 31, 2013

THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL PERFECTION :) hey fellow readers sorry for not updating. So as you know tomorrow 2ndFeb13 will be held a bieber gathering and believe acoustic buyout. Insane right but sadly Im not really going cuz well I have somethings to do tomorrow to all BELIEBERS GO TO KLCC AT 11 tomorrow okey? yeyyyy trust me Believe will blow your mind

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello, yey finally polish my nails hehe :) glittery pink hehehe
okey bye I love greyson lol
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

So hey, its been awhile since I post my previous that's not related with Greyson Chance right? Sorry I'm to obsesses with him like yeah he's to addictive lol. Okey so hows my life? It was pretty good a few days before exam and early holidays it was massive I'm loving all the moments I had but few days since I'm alone I felt something weird. I felt like crying every day felt like being hurt and felt like there's someone stabbing me in my heart. I cant resist the pain any more but I cant do anything. I actually cant really trust in love cuz I've been hurt for like millions billions trillions time so hmm sorry boys you aren't acceptable in my life but I know one day there will be a guy that will makes me happy, Just for now I'm okey with all my 'guys' friends just I dont know maybe I dont wanna hope to much cuz I will end hurt to much. But I admit the love is there dont worry . Just honest is the best way to make me happy. Please just please whoever reading this weather you know me or dont just please be honest with me. If you dont really like my way just tell me well it will hurt at first but atleast its okey from not knowing anything right?
Becuz of that la I'm always with food cuz they're the only best friend that will make me smile and happy. If I'm on a date bring me to a place where I can eat :) I love food more that humans and I love you more than myself. Just a tip, I LOVE FOOD and if you wanna date me I said IF !! BIG I & F = IF you wanna date me bring me to a restaurant it doesn't have to be expensive mamak pon okey what as long as I can eat cuz I love food for sure you're the right guy if you can handle the way I eat lol. Okey that's all for now Happy Holidays
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